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Free Computer Recycling

for all Businesses, Schools, Hospitals, NGO’S.

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We offer free computer recycling for all businesses, schools hospitals and Ngo’s in Springfield, Ma. Also other nearby cities can contact us for Recycling Computer services, Marlborough, Grafton, Spencer,Millbury,Chicopee, Holyoke, Fitchburg, Leominster and all those who need professional computer recycling services.

Like most cities in Ma,the City of Springfield requires recycling of all electronics. Help us keep this city clean by recycling all your computers for free with us.  Click here and schedule a free pick up.

We understand the environmental concerns of most companies and this is why we offer superior recycling services . We will pick up computers and ensure that all data has been erased before reselling or reusing the item. Reselling the item ensures that your old computer doesn’t go on to the dump-sites or landfills.

We observe all EPA regulations in our operations. Federal and State regulations are punitive to the improper disposal of e-waste. We are a for-profit business and intend to be around for long, while donating computers to NGO’s has its corporate benefits many of these organizations do not ensure proper disposal methods and this may cost your company thousands of dollars in fines and lawsuits.

We are based in Brockton, Massachusetts with satellite operations in Boston and all over Massachusetts. We can pick up scrap computers, reusable computers, laptops,monitors, printers and all other office electronics from your office at your convenience and at no charge.

Contact us now!!!! 508-615-5994. 508-584-7956 or email us;   No quantity is too small or too big for us!!!!!