Free Electronics Recycling for Businesses, Schools and Non-Governmental Organizations

Theusedcomputers is a leader in electronics and computer recycling in Massachusetts, USA with a large presence in the Boston area. We offer a solution to both small and large organizations for safe disposal of their e-waste. We offer free pick-ups from the business premises as well as free drop-off at our location in Brockton, Ma. Our Computer Recycling Services provide you with all data security, HIPPA compliance and environmental handling needs required for the disposal of computers, electronics, monitors, copiers, printers, laptops, furniture and much more. We also offer fund-raising opportunities through electronic recycling drives and events at schools and municipalities.

Our services are free of charge.

Why Free Electronics and Computer Recycling Services.

At theusedcomputers, we use cost-cutting solutions and economies of scale to enable us offer our customers absolutely free electronics recycling services and therefore saving them thousands of dollars they would have had to pay to other recyclers. All the material is sorted for re-use, re-selling or disposal of the items that have reached end of life. Our aim is to minimize the amount of e-waste that goes to our land-fills which helps to protect our environment.

We offer hard drive destruction services and ensure that all client data is properly destroyed to ensure data security and ensure confidentiality of our clients information. We issue a certificate of destruction to confirm that all the e-waste has been disposed off in accordance with the Massachusetts laws for the disposal and destruction of universal electronic devices.

Boston Computer Recycling and Computer Disposal Services in Massachusetts is your leading Boston, Massachusetts area electronics recycler for computer recycling and monitor recycling.

We have pick-ups scheduled in Boston every week. All you need is to contact us by completing our free electronics recycling pick up form and we will schedule a pick up at your premises.

Contact us today for your Free Boston Computer Disposal and Monitor Disposal and for all of your other electronics recycling and disposal needs.

These services are also available for businesses in Winthrop,Revere, Chelsea, Everett, Somerville, Cambridge, Watertown, Newton, Brookline, Needham, Dedham, Canton, Milton, and Quincy.

Contact today to find out what options are available to you and your organization regarding computer disposal and recycling services.

We will pickup anywhere in Massachusetts. We will also consider other New England cities on a case by case basis.

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